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What a great shop. They helped me for the first time about a year and a half ago. Every time I visit he saves me on average $100.00. All their mechanics are awesome, everyone is courteous. Being a single mom with three kids I really need a shop that I can trust. These guys are exactly that. Also they always can get my car in right away and they get it back so quick!!! Also they offered me a ride home! Thanks to them we're safely on the road! - Lizzie Faye Google Review of Performance Automotive of San Diego

Highly recommended!

"THE BEST!!!!" I highly recommend everyone to go here! Honest, caring, genuine people... This husband and wife team are AMAZING! I moved to SD about a year ago and luckily found them to have my oil changes done! I brought my car to Performance Automotive, my 2008 Dodge Avenger, had been stalling and turning off while at red lights...they did research for me and found out that my car had a recall! He personally went out of his way to call dodge dealership, to have my car fixed at no charge!!!! How HONEST is that!!! Im soooo Thankful for all the effort and care Performance Automotive has done for me! They even gave me a call back to make sure everything went well at the dealership!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GO HERE!!! Thank you sooo Much Performance Automotive YOU'RE THE BEST!!! - Liz B.

My brakes are on, and perfect.

This is the only shop I will take my car to from now on. My brakes were so bad! I pushed them too far trying to wait until after the holidays to get them done. When I was set to start looking around for a shop, unexpected expenses came up and at that point I knew I would have to end up replacing my rotors as well. The dealership wanted $1200+ so I started looking for a shop on Yelp. My husband found Performance Automotive, and saw that they had a few different financing options. (These are through independent company's and not in-shop). After being approved from one of the company's, we brought in our car. They checked all the breaks (for free, they do not charge for ANY diagnosis at their shop) and confirmed all the rotors and pads needed to be replaced. This husband and wife team are a God send. They showed us all the options and prices, from the super cheap to the dealership made. They did not pressure us to just get the most expensive, and was willing to put on the super cheap ones but did warn that they would likely squeak within about a month. I've always wondered why this happened after getting my breaks serviced at other places before. The only downside was the finance company that I chose was a little difficult to deal with, but they called them directly and helped us work everything out. They are a blessing, and I am so glad we found them. They were honest, kind, and went above and beyond, all for someone that jacked their brakes up. I will always recommend them to everyone I know. My brakes are on, and perfect. - Jennifer C.

Performance Automotive inspires hope & trust.

This mechanic is knowledgeable, honest, & helpful! The check engine light was on & I attempted to get it taken care of for 2 weeks w/ my regular mechanic after spending hundreds & buying parts I ended up not needing. Then he gave up when the same problem remained after 3 attempts, so I went to Performance Automotive.

In short, Performance Auto provided a free diagnostic & did half a diagnosis bc the workday was ending. So they insisted I come back the following workday to finish diagnostic testing & find the problem. He also apologized after assuming what was wrong w/ my car & telling me how much it'd be once he realized he was mistaken; that's noble. Did I mention, he dropped me off AND picked me up when they were already closed?

Anyways while his mechanic diagnosed my car, he jumps online to find any significant info that could be valuable & finds Technical reports (recalls). He strongly advises me to get all the recalls taken care of before more diagnosing & possibly work on my car. Although I was doubtful, I took his advice & waited for him to give me a bill to pay. Didn't happen.

In the end, I had all the recalls taken care of. Check engine, Traction Control, & ABS lights are off & other concerning things stopped! I called to tell him the good news; he was happy & said to bring the car in so he can double check.

He & his mechanic spent approx. 2-3 hrs on my car alone. Diagnostic testing, giving me rides, & now my car is fixed because he went above & beyond to research online! After 2 weeks of car stress, paying hundreds, & then my regular mechanic giving up, Performance Automotive returns hope & trust from customer to auto shop. Thank you! - Monique N.

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