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Once again. Performance Automotive saves the day. My low oil light can on. I checked the dip stick and yes, it was at least 1 quart low. I had this issue before so I decided to take it back to the dealership to have them look at it. I went online and made an appointment for; oil change, tire rotation, and full safety inspection. I arrived at the scheduled time. At first my service agent couldn't me on his schedule. When he did, it didn't show me scheduled for an oil change or the inspection. He explained that they could do the maintenance, but because it wasn't scheduled it would take longer. I showed him on my phone where his system was incorrect. I was scheduled for everything I described. Then he proceeded to explain that diagnostic work wouldn't  covered under my warranty. It was going to cost me $133.00. Plus the $70 for the oil change and another $20 for the tire rotation. But if I got the full 60k service done then I'd just have to pay for the diagnosis ($133 + $699). The oil change and rotation was included. But I'd have to leave the car and it would take a couple days. So I brought my car to Performance Auto. They are currently working on my car and I'll get the full 60k service for $475 out the door. We are going to monitor the oil levels through the next oil change. Everything will be documented and if the issue continues. I can take the documents back to the dealership and they will have to deal with the issue under warranty. - David R.

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