Do You Need a New Battery?

Batteries were more simple to diagnose on the cars of yesteryear; either the car started or it didn’t. These days, modern cars require less power to start, and more power to run, meaning a bad battery may still start the car, but other battery related issues may be experienced as a result. From Performance Automotive, Inc in San Diego, here are some items to look out for.

There are a few symptoms of a failing battery. Commonly, the car actually will sound weak upon startup, even if it manages to start the car. You will also likely notice that leaving the key on for 15 or so minutes, with the engine not running, will run your battery down so much you’ll need a jump to get going again. A properly functioning battery should last much longer. Due to complex modern electronics, you may also notice a variety of other issues with the car while it is running - gone are the days of jump starting a dead battery, and expecting the car to make it home. Issues may look like a symptom of something else...weak headlights or intermittent stereo operation may lead you to believe the alternator is going bad, flashing dash lights and warnings look like faulty wiring, and poor running conditions could appear to be component failure. However, a bad battery can cause all of these malfunctions and then some.

If you believe your battery is on the way out, get it replaced before it leaves you stranded. For all your battery related issues, and for any and all of your other maintenance and repair needs, we’ve got you covered. Our team of expert mechanics is well qualified to service any issue with any vehicle. For the best auto service shop in San Diego, call or stop by Performance Automotive, Inc today.


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